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Using the Lazurus and Uriah along with The Paste has made our gardens seriously aromatic and lush. Everything from clones to flower are truly LOVING this regimen. When we started it ,we started at the suggested 1/8tsp per gallon of the Paste and slowly raised it to 1 tbsp per gallon, works excellent with no yellowing and roots like never before. We have been foilar feeding as suggested and the plants love it and are extremely healthy with little work.
Farmer Birdley
Hey guys, Im writing from a small hydro store in MA. A customer came in this morning talking about your products, I did some reading and it sounds great. Just now he calls the store saying how unbelievable his root growth was in 12 hours. He’s sending me pictures in clear cups that are quite impressive. Grower states these pictures were taken roughly 12 hours apart. See attachment’s I would love to see for myself. If possible, I’d love a few samples to try in the store.
John Doe
My woodchip garden is in its second season with microbeneficials products, the soil biology has made such a difference this year. And to think weve had over 30 inches of rain this year, where most gardens failed mine is still producing in October. And it gets better every year with the MB system.
Mike Livingston
Gordie hasn’t used commercial fertilizer on his corn ground this year. He has spread a lot of manure on it. He’s applied the biology and lazarus. He says his corn is really growing good, but he is particularly impressed with the dark green color of it for this time of year. Alfalfa Hay, He said that he is happy with the biology and the lazarus for his alfalfa hay. He said that they cut the 1st crop a little late. He said that there was no weevil in the hay. Most of the neighboring fields had major weevil problems. He says the 2nd alfalfa crop had no bugs no aphids and great yields His 3rd alfalfa crop is about 10″ high. He says that what he has really noticed is that the hay bounces back really fast after being cut when you apply the lazarus. See you soon, thanks,
Brett Hawkes
My husband bought the lazarus. I used it skeptically on my apple tree. I was impressed with the outcome. What impressed me more was how the next tree over had large apple on the lazarus side and small apples on the opposing side. Now I need to know if I can buy from you directly or is there another place to purchase lazarus products. I am also interested to know if this can be used indefinitely.
Janice Drumm
These are pics of my Yukon Gold potatoes with only one strong app of the lazarus and Biology mixed using 1 ounce per gallon of the lazarus and .50 ounce of bio per gal sprayed on eight plants produced 64 pounds of potatoes!!! Pay close attention to the runners or(roots) usually your Northerns and Yukon stay in a close group or cluster not in this case!! Awesome!
Keith Dierker
Interesting problem! Plumcots are ripening right now along with the cherries. Rainiers are almost ready. Later cherries are a week or so out and Plumcots are days out!!?? Usually they ripen in July. Apricots are just starting to color. I have hit that plumcot tree with lots of sprays since it was too small and weak looking compared with the monster Aprium right next to it. Color is great and leaves look really good. But ripening with the cherries?? Never had fruit ripen this early. WOW
Delores Beyersdorf
These pictures are of a new account that I was spraying at earlier. It shows the bugs that were eating the rose leaves while I was spraying. They died within 15 to 20 minutes after spraying them? How does it do this.
Lance Read
We have had record rain this month. Been spraying the lazarus with the biology that was applied to yard twice a couple of months ago . The basement sump pump normally runs off and on all the time with this much rain. Its hardly kicking in at all now even with this much rain? The root mass system has soaked up that much water. Incredible difference. Hard to believe but Ive seen it myself. Season total 13.38″ this month 8.3 “
Mike Livingston
Thank you Lance for the prompt fill of my order. I am sure our blackberries and raspberries will be very excited. As am I. From last years spraying of lazarus. I have some extremely healthy new growth in the berries< next year will promise to be a very productive year. The persimmon has not lost many fruit and another application of lazarus & uriah in order. I still have over 1000 fruits on the tree< simply amazing. Thank you Lance
Roger Barrett
Lance, after a long hiatus I am back, life needless to say swept me away from everything I was doing,You will be happy to know that the persimmon tree that I sprayed with lazarus and uriah has exploded this year with over 1000 fruit so far they are all still holding on after two sprays with solutions. The berries are booming this year also due to the amount of spraying from last year. I have been neglectful of them this year only spraying them 4 times. I have had a lot of new interest in the lazarus from many people. A friend of mine sprayed his kale and snow peas with lazarus and it was the largest kale I have ever seen. The snow peas were the most beautiful I have ever seen. Which brings me to the point of no lazarus. I am officially out. Could you please send me a gallon please sir..The address is /////. Thank you Lance, hope to hear from you soon. Also please call me or text me < I broke my phone 1 week before Christmas and lost all my numbers.
Roger Barrett
I worked at the Town Hall Saturday and besides the holly hedge I told you about I forgot a couple of other “test beds” i did. One just knocked me over. There are three shrubs in a triangle. I sprayed one with the lazarus, and not the other two. I will also get a picture of these. The lazarus subject is close to three times the size of the other two!! Simply wow. And this was with ONE spraying just about 2 months ago. Keep on rocking!!
Randy Chandler
This house was built in 1965 , these bushes have been here as far back as I can remember. Last year I used lazarus & uriah, and they dropped 50% of the damaged leaves and regrew new ones. Two weeks ago I trimmed them down 6 inches below the brick window ledge and back where they weren’t over the sidewalk. This is simple amazing what it did for this 40 plus year old bushes Im trying to find last years picture without success. Time to trim again.
Mike Livingston
This picture is after 3 weeks of spraying; I did not take a before, but I will from now on. This rose had yellow leaves and no flowers when I started. The leaves look beautiful and the customer already called to say the roses look great.
Lance Read
I am was hand weeding my snow and snap peas and I noticed that I have 2-4 shoots coming out from each seed? I do not remember seeing this ever before. Have you seen this? the main stalk splits into 2 or 4 branches at soil level. They are not blooming yet but should start soon. This is really neat.
Delores Beyersdorf
See the photos of my chicken eggs @ 3.22 oz eggs each. Amazing. I am only feeding 1 m/l per 15 gallons of chicken water. the eggs are huge and the shells are really thick.
Keith Dierker
These were 5 year old dead Pierce ridden vines now alive again after fall fertigation’s and spray this spring and starting second fertigation.
Marshall Stewart
I’ve sprayed the citrus three times, it was almost dead. You can see the new growth. The mixture is 15 ml/gallon. How long do you think it will take to come back? I just made up my solutions for tomorrow. I will be going out to make things happy.
Lance Read
We had snow here a few days ago and cold rains before and after in the last two weeks, obviously with freezing temperatures at night. Warm spells before and after and inbetween which induced my apricot trees to start budding, then blooming way too soon. After using lazarus several times at the end of the season last year (into the late Autumn) I have not lost an appreciable amount of blossoms as in the past due to this late Winter weather. I sprayed the trunks and branches of the trees about once a week for five weeks before the Winter set in and I think this is why we will have some fruit this year. One of the trees alone used to produce hundreds of apricots but due the weird Winter of 2013-2014 I only got about 2 dozen.This year I am expecting hundreds again thanks to lazarus.
Joe Collet
Project: 2.5 acres of green tomatoes or tomatillo. A Mexican native, the tomatillo is a staple in the national diet as it is the key ingredient in making Mexican Salsa Verde…the green sauce served at Mexican Restaurants, usulally with a tart flavor. PRODUCTION HISTORY Seedlings was planted in the 5 acre parcel on September 6, 2014. For lack of communication it was not innoculated with the lazarus Tomato mix (a synergistic blend of microbeneficials products). lazarus blend was applied to the plants twice combined with the Mb solution. Water used for the bugs solution was energized for better results. On September 15th, torrential rains hit the area and farmer Abraham Gastellum assumed his whole crop was destroyed. However when the soil dried he found to his surpise that just about all plants had survived and were fully alive. On November 8th, one full month ahead of normal harvest season the parcel was abloom and plants loaded with fruit. The first harvest took place. Normally, a typical tomatillo crop produces only two to 3 harvests. With an approximate 10 sprayings of lazarus plus the bugs, Mr. Abraham has had a shocking and unprecedented 15 HARVESTS of high quality green tomatoes. until today´´s date of January 1st 2015. However, the five acres are blooming again and many of the plants full of fruit, so we now estimate there will be at least another 4 weeks of harvests, reaaching a potential 20 harvests or almost 7 TIMES THE NORMAL anywhere in Baja or in Mexico. Most tomatillos weigh around 2 ozs each but the lazarus can be 3 to 4 times heavier….large, beautiful green and make the most delicious green salsa I ever had in my life. I am a former owner of a Mexican restaurant and have throughout Mexico for the past 42 years. I hardly ever have the green tomatoes because they are too acidic for my taste, but not these ones. I actually bit into one and hate it as if it were a green apple! Our goal now is to promote the Lazarus Tomatillo variety by improving our protocol for next crop. We will energize the seeds first, then innoculate them with lazarus tomato blend and spray them as needed and as long as we want new harvests. We will report to you if new crops will happen in February. Other observations on the use of Lazarus as witnessed by Mr. Gastellum and Agronomist Andres from the local University of La Paz Ag School: 1. The absence of weeds when normally there are plenty, thus no need to use herbicides. (the only two elements that were added to our lazarus was extra calcium and magnesim which we could have helped with by adding our own variety but due to lack of communication it did not happen). 2. The softening of the soil which was rather compact. 3. The unsual presence of many microorganisms 4. The elimination of salt from the soil which had been a problem 5. The resistence of the plants to insects such as white fly from a tomato field directly across from the 5 acres where another farmer used chemicals. Mr. Abraham also sprayed lazarus in cucumbers which promise to be another bumper crop. I tried a few and they were delicious, high nutrient dense. I usually do not eat many cucumbers but these ones….I ate them like a banana. He is also starting to harvest Italian sqash and I jsut had them raw in a salad and steamed with tomato sauce plus cheese….Delicious! I also had great giant radishes, cilantro and the sweetest watermelon I have had in a while Finally, I got a giant 47 pound butter squash that had just been harvested and would have been much bigger if we had let it grow. (it is in the picture I will send) IN CONCLUSION, OUR FIRST 100% lazarus CROPS IN MEXICO ARE AN IMMENSE SUCCESS AND NOW OTHER FARMERS WANT OUR PRODUCT. AND THIS IS ONLY JUST THE BEGINNING.
Pedro De Costa
In October 2014 the microbeneficials products were introduced to Panamanian rice farmers by Lonnie Downs and Pedro Da Costa. There were two trials performed in the Province of Panama. One parcel of 24 hectares and a one acre parcel. Both were dry land rice. The 24 ha parcel was 30 days away from harvest so only one application of what we call the lazarus was sprayed, leaving a control strip of 3 has in the center for comparison sake. (The blend is composed of 7 solutions plus the biology package with the assistance of a fertigator unit to micronize the liquids plus water. After one spray on the 24 ha, in only two days, the whole sprayed field turn deep green. One week later most of the filed had stalks taller than the comparison or control parcel. According to the ag technician, Boris, there was a substantial difference in amount and quality of grain, even though at harvest time it was not possible to separate the lazarus grain from the other. The next trial was done on a nearby one acre parcel owned by Amilcar Sanchez, president of the local rice association. Again after the first spray, the rice became greener and after the second spray, the results were quite impressive. The sprayed area had healthy stalks full of grain (see attached picture) which is a big issue for farmers, because there is usually a problem called “vaneamiento” which means stalks that look healthy but have no grain. Not a single case of this phenomenon was detected in the sprayed are, though in the control area there was some. The rice was heavier and there was absolutely no problem with pests or diseases until the recent harvest, a common problem in area, compounded by the intense rains that have fallen in the area. Mr. Sanchez was very impressed with our solutions from day one and has been a great promoter of microbeneficials products, to the point that he got the Federation of Rice Growers of Panama to name Pedro Da Costa (see letter in separate attachment) as their agricultural consultant, welcoming his Project SANA to function under the umbrella of the organization. He was also instrumental in arranging a special meeting at Panama’s Congress where Pedro addressed congressman and major farmers from around the country on this new way of growing rice and other grains. They have also invited microbeneficials products to provide the products and advice for the cultivation of soy which has never been grown in Panama. Antoher major rice grower in Panama who has thousands of hectares of rice fields in that country and Colombia, made the decision to do very scientific field trials on the use of lazarus in their Darien gap are fields, which are flooded.
Thanks Lance… I have a Tomato plant that was planted on Oct 19…in Utah no less I photo it every few days… It is 3 feet tall and has 12 tomatoes on it at different stages and has been through many frosts?
Larry Ham
Lance, Here is a few more pictures of this same tomato plant I sent before. There is a photo of the plant on nov.1 after 2 killing frosts and it still was blooming!!!! 2 days ago while the temp dropped below 22°F ,I decided to go pick all the tomatoes off of this plant before they froze solid.(also the wind blew the whole plant and trellis system over) And I picked another 264 tomatoes off this same one plant! I am estimating that this plant from June 1 – Nov 1 produced over 600 tomatoes ! Please tell us how the lazarus does that?
Trent Graybill
Here are the pictures of the rice field in Panama. Here are the stats: We sprayed this field with the lazarus mix last wednesday morning, October 15, 2014. This is a 22 hectare dry rice field owned by Mr. Leoni Peralta who ordered the products from On the second day the farmer noticed a surprising greening of the treated field. We recommended that he leave a one hectare patch across the field with no spraying for comparison sake. Yesterday we went back to see the field and all of us, including other rice farmers, were totally amazed to see the enormous growth in the sprayed field as compared to the non-sprayed. The sprayed field was taller and had very healthy stalks of about 6 inches each. The comparison had no stalks yet. Harvest time is in 30 days and we strongly feel that with just one lazarus application we will have longer, heavier and better rice. We told Mr. Peralta that we were not promising much with our product since it was so late in the season and that we would probably just get better weight and higher sales price. Since they like baseball here a lot, I told him that we were like the pinch hitter coming in on top of the 8th inning, bases loaded and trying to hit a homerun. Well, God is good and it seems that we will indeed hit a home run for Mr. Peralta, for microbeneficials products and for Panama. The three pictures attached have as foreground the sprayed rice with healthy stalks and it fades into distance where the control field has shorter plants and no stalks at all. With this one application we are about two weeks ahead of the harvest schedule. An astounding feat never before seen here in this country. The farmers are truly amazed at what has occurred here. More pictures are to follow. Today, we will bring key agricultural experts to see for themselves the lazarus miracle. More converts to come! Best regards,
I just picked my Arkansas Black Apples today and they are huge. One is almost a pound and many are 3/4 lb. Very solid apples. Even ones that the hens pecked on did not rot. Amazing stuff this is great work.
Delores Beyersdorf
Hello Microbeneficials products @ the office. Well I have some news for you and your associates. It is not the high caliber information that crosses your desk usually but it is a VERY good indicator of your present work with the natural microbeneficials products. My Dad which is 82 years old and is a very knowledgeable farmer who has been at it all his life, had to comment on your apples I gave him Saturday which I picked Friday at your office. Number one he does not comment much at all. Number two, he gives favorable comments even less. So, I was more than surprised at his raving on your MB apples. He had many questions as, how old is this tree, it must be very old as there are not many of these apple trees left around here. He said they were Spurgen Burgin apples. He said he has NEVER went through that many apples of that variety without finding any worm holes. He said he peeled them all and found only one in the whole bushel with a single worm hole. He was totally amazed. I told my Dad you were working on some new formulations and I figured you had sprayed your lawn and in doing so the trees was included. If you had mentioned any of the “new solutions” stuff to Dad before this he would have been way past skeptical, but now he is so very interested in this “new microbeneficials solutions” stuff. He just made the best homemade apple butter.The best have ever tasted with them. I hope this is a positive note for your extended efforts. It takes MUCH to impress my father…VERY MUCH. Hope your efforts are rewarded.
Randy Chandler
Lance We Picked 457 tomatoes off 15 plants today grand total of 1652 so far this year; and we are NOT done yet! All big fat and juicy with NO defects. Unbelievable it seems to us.P.S. That’s not including what my chickens ate this year off all the plants; they are attracted to the lazarus it seems?
Overall I have a very positive impression of microbeneficials products for foliar feeding of cannabis. On plants with a normal flowering cycle of eight weeks, I find I now harvest in seven weeks. The size and quality of the harvest seems to be improved. I did a bit of side-by-side testing. Seems cannabis benefits from a higher concentration of lazarus than recommended on label.
It has been awhile since talking with you. To start, I’d like to order 1 gal. lazarus, 1 gal uriah. Thank you. We had double our crop in raspberries this year, thanks to your help. The berries were small and that is what we’d like to improve on for next year. They were delicious though. Our pasture grass is improving with 2 applications of lazaruz & uriah. Still struggling with sand burr in one pasture (1 ½ acres) but believe there has been improvement. Vegetable garden is amazing. Pepper plants are beautiful with huge 4in. sweet peppers. Hot peppers are going crazy. We kept the fungus off the squash and pumpkins with lazarus I believe and they are thriving. Watermelons are also going crazy with fruit, just need it to ripen up. Tomatoes are huge, some heirlooms struggling, but overall very pleased . . . and praising God for an abundant harvest!
Susanne Tixier
I would feel very ungrateful if I did not send you a email and tell you how things are going here in Salt Lake City. Now for the lazarus. I have been using it on my plants. My garden looks so good and is growing very fast. I sprayed my trees today and all my plants. I have some worries for my peach tree. It is rather sick…has bores. But the peach tree itself has been shedding some of the small peaches which it does every year but some of the peaches on that tree are huge for this time of the year. Some of the branches are already fairly being pushed. That is amazing to me. I was wondering if I would even get peaches this year. This will be a summer that the branches will need help and they are already pretty low. I thank you so much for your interest in my garden. My tomato plants have lots of tomatoes on them. I want a lot of tomatoes so I can put up italian spaghetti sauce. My yard looks amazing and everything is doing so well. Even my watermelon and melons look like they are starting to blossom and are crawling along the ground. The microbeneficials products that feeds them. How much is a gallon of that? Thanks so much for all your help and for the information that you share. I love my home and yard and the amazing things happening in my yard. Thanks so much. Keep the information coming and thanks for your kindness in sharing.
Wow!!! What an awesome product!!! I taught science and math for 35 years and I was so intrigued with lazarus, I can’t wait to tell everyone about lazarus!! Frank knows a million farmers/ranchers and I would think he would be on the phone to them RIGHT NOW!!! LOL Whoever invented this product is GENIUS!!! I would think EVERYONE would want this product unless they have cement for a yard or straw for brains!
Marty Hopkins
I use either 1 or 2 tsp per gallon from my sprayer. My summer vegies have not done this well before; ever! I believe it is the lazarus. I have house plants in bloom all the time that they only bloom in the summer? many more avocados than normal, I sprayed my pear tree and it bloomed and now I have some small pears. The poor thing is very confused. BECAUSE it is January here in Alpine CA?
Barbra Rosenberg
Lance look at my roses after one frost warning and then one 30 degree night. Never before like this; great talking to you today. Going to send a photo of roses before cold weather. They were sprayed with lazarus 1oz per gal water few times per week for a few weeks. Look how beautiful they are!!
Mike Livingston
This is the orange citrus tree we talked about that I sprayed over the fence with lazarus & uriah , 3 applications. It was infested with white flies and black sooty mold. But NO more and look at all the fruit it has. Unbelievable!!!
Mark Runk
Dear MB Team, Attached are a few pictures of the onions I was talking with you earlier today about. As I said, I had planted some green onions in the ground, but, couldn’t pull them up when I wanted some. I had been spraying like instructed, but, couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I planted some in a raised bed, with potting soil, and no soil, so it was loose. When they got big enough, I couldn’t believe my eyes about the root system. Sure explains why they wouldn’t pull out of the ground,lol. The first picture is of some potatoes I had planted in a garbage can to try that way of raising those. As you can see, we got two inches of snow in April, which is very unusual, but, as I was spraying the solution, it didn’t hurt them. The plant is now completely out the top of the barrell.
Ray Main
Lance; Here are the current pictures of avocados and fig trees in an El Cajon, California estate. Avocados haven’t produced hardly anything each year for more than 10 years; also the fig trees just barely produced anything each year. Here are the avocado / fig results after only 3 lazarus foliar sprays per your suggestion at the trunk base treatment once. They are loaded with fruit and it is just unbelievable!!! Truly amazing; just like the citrus trees also we have also sprayed and WOW!
Mark Runk
OK. Lance and I sort of counted the apricots on the tree as you requested. It has approx 600, grape to walnut sized, apricots with many more tiny ones and flowers still coming. It has had fruit set for about 6 weeks now. It only has a few leaves and are just starting to come, finally. We did not have enough chill hours this year according to the books to set fruit on my low chill hour trees, which are 250 – 450, but they amazingly all have lots and lots fruit set. Most of them have fruited earlier than normal. Having a mild winter here the peach trees are amazingly and totally out of character which have bloomed and set hundreds and hundreds of fruit back in January which normally happens in mid march to april. Also ‘no’ trees have dropped ‘any’ fruit as to date as this time a lot is usually laying on the ground by now? I am feeding lazarus / uriah weekly @ 5m/l per gallon. What’s up with that? Blessings to you and yours,
Babra Rosenberg
Lance, this little waif of a raspberry was put in the ground 1.5 months ago. It was planted from bare rootstock, it looked like it was dead. I had my reservations on its and their survival. 2 weeks ago the leaf bouquet you see was large fist sized with 13 blossoms forming , now it has 16 blossoms forming and 1 fruit. These raspberries also get to around 10 feet. So you can imagine what a full size plant would produce on lazarus and uriah. Also I was not supposed to have berries this year. Hmmmm!
Roger Barrett
Lance, this prime-ark 45 blackberry has nearly 150 n fruit and blooms on it already with more coming. 21ml soil drench, already stepped down to a level of 1.5 -2ml per day. Remember these have only been in the ground for 1 month. That is what is amazing to me. Also these plants get huge if untrained 12 plus ft.and much bigger sometimes. I have 6 inch trellis poles concreted in the ground with 200 lb galvanize guidewire for them to run on , in anticipation of the explosive MB growth.
Roger Barrett
Lance, Starting one month ago I began spraying my grandfathers persimmon tree .He planted this tree in 1943. Needless to say it is long past its prime, one side of the tree broke off and became infested with Formosa termites. I cleaned the rot out of the trunk which is 6 inches in diameter and sprayed the entire trunk and limb structure (note it had no leaves yet) with 21% lazarus. Then following the moon calendar I re-treated the tree once a week with each time cutting the lazarus rate in half (2nd spray 10.5m/l – 3rd spraying 5.25m/l – 4th spraying 2.75m/l) now it is in full spring leaf sprout and I am now spraying it 3 times per week with 2m/l per gallon of the lazarus and uriah. For the last 10 years the tree being 7ft tall has never produced over 50 fruit; ever. Today on the 5th of April I counted nearly 1000 blooms and yes I said one thousand blooms. If I have complete bloom set? Transitioning into fruit, I will have to support the tree from sheer weight. At 1.5 lbs per fruit normally the math on this is terrifying to say the least for this old soldier of a tree. WOW! Lance; what an awesome product; and how little it takes, truly a miracle! Thank you so much; your friend in Agriculture.
Roger Barrett
Dear MB.COM Just letting you know that the citrus trees I sprayed have a very nice crop this year, the great fruit are much bigger than the last couple years, lots of lemons than ever before and the tangelos have a very rich color and a nice thick rind. I haven’t tasted the oranges yet but they look very good. I think I sprayed the trees 6 times? Unfortunately I spent so much time working in Calf. I stopped spraying. Also we had 120 degree temps this last summer for most of the time?
Chad Glutzner
Hi Lance, Here is an article about my garden. It has been in several papers. I use my garden, a gift from God, as a tool to teach people the “natural” way to garden and also to share the Gospel. I just can’t talk about gardening without talking about creation and the brilliance of Gods design. Our town, as well as our home, is registered with the National Wildlife Federation as a habitat for wildlife. The Sage and Songbird festival that we have the first weekend in May is a celebration of wildlife and their habitat. I am a member of our local garden club. Enough people have seen my garden that I have been invited to various organizations to speak publicly about gardening. I hope it is OK with you for me to give your contact information to people or should I just direct them to the microbeneficials products web site or just take orders and order a lot from you and distribute to the local folks?
Babra Rosenburg
DEAR Lance, How are you. Thanks for the info. It was a friend who gave me the solution free, to test . I got 2 bottles 350 each of lazarus and uriah. I had it for some time maybe 4 months because i was quite busy . can i spray it in all season? I tried it on my chico fruit and cacao…they were laden with big ants and due to the cold hot rainy weather they were deteriorating…almost dying…I sprayed it 4 x every 7 days and it was amazing the leaves became so green and no more ants….the uriah in plan to test it with an upland rice.. I got some instructions.from.the brochure she gave me..please guide me how to use it. Can I mix it with the organic fertilizer our government gave me it is from chicken manure and dried leaves vegetables. Or I would rather use ours and use a separate plot for comparison.. I am a breast cancer survivor .my passion is to go organics to have a healthy body. I am a survivor for 15 years. My friend promised me to contact her friend in the microbeneficials products and if I need more samples she will give me. And today am happy you emailed me. How can I get more sample from you. Freight cost is very expensive maybe sea freight cost less. Let’s pray for this venture as I love to keep people well. Kindly email me regularly as I would love to share with you the excitement of this product. I would be interested to test it on rice and see the yield. Maybe this is the solution for eliminating the kuhol golden apple snail in the Philippines it devastates the rice.. I will be making a test of your product and let’s ask God to guide us . our government is very supportive in food productivity. We have cooperatives to lend to farmers and I am always a recepient of free samples to share with my farmers. They do not want to use upland rice with organic fertilizer as the yield was so low.
Cecille Bea
The “Dead”: plants I told you about today, guess what, you were right, two of them are starting to show new growth on the stems, like leaves appear to forming, in 24 hours after they died! I sprayed again this evening and will go back tomorrow evening for another spray and will take a camera. Have a great day tomorrow!
John Clark
My Garden runs down hill towards the neighbor’s Elm tree. I have been spraying my Garden since December with lazarus off and on; before the wood chips were installed and after. I have never seen the neighbor’s giant Elm tree this healthy and so full before that usually is full of leaf yellowing? Paul Gouchi talks about how the run off from his garden will make things next to it grow more abundantly. I have just recently planted my garden plants and I believe there are no coincidences other than the lazarus has been feeding this elm tree since december.
John Doe
Hi Lance, I have included a picture of tulips we planted last fall and began spraying them this spring with lazarus and uriah. We planted 3 bulbs here and got 12 blooms!! My wife has already cut a few for arrangements!
Matt Doe
Last year’s harvest 80 tons; this year’s harvest estimated at 140/150 tons. Overhead foliar fertigation which the solutions are fed once every ten days at the rate of 1 to 487,000. John said this is the first year he has not experienced the leaves turning black prior to harvest; in fact there is even no leaf spotting he said. Certain weeds such as ‘Chinese cabbage’ have not germinated this year either he said. These grapes are contracted for Welch’s juice; they offer a $50 per ton bonus for all grapes at a 21 brixx, John has never received these bonus’s before because his grapes are usually @ 17 brixx @ harvest. We are at 18 brixx now with 30 days to go before harvest whereby we expect to surpass the 21 brixx mark which means a bonus of around $7,200. John commented that this would pay for 2.5 years’ worth of the Bio Solutions at the present application rates;. and some much needed new equipment and support upgrades. Not bad for the first year’s application of the solutions at close to 1 to half a million of dilution rates on foliar feeding.
John Wells
I tried your Solutions on my garden and fruit trees this summer and was very pleased. My roses never looked so good and it seems as though it kept bugs away. My little peach tree that is about 25 years old gave us 3 to 4 bushels of peaches and where limbs had broken each year in the past, no limbs broke this summer. Our garden has been great also as well as the raspberry patch. The new grapes that looked like they weren’t going to make it flourished. I think this is a wonderful product and appreciate you letting me try it. I know that you pretty much ship to big farms, but wonder if I could buy a quart or a 1/2 gallon or even a gallon of the Ion-Pulse Plant additive. I like things that are can help my organic garden and this is most certainly a great product. Thanks,
Dessa Fountaine
Our growth was real impressive! 30 gallon pots and the root mass was almost double what it was! Very happy with product! Will be starting our next cycle from beginning and we are excited to do a full run with it.
Scott Kanyo
Hi, I just want to share my results of microbeneficials products. Since I started to use these products my garden has improved 100%. They are strong and healthy. The foliage has improved in size. Also, leaf has a coating that shines like if I sprinkled diamond dust. I’m not a scientist but it seems that the shiny coating is like a protective shield against molds. The weather has been bad, it has rain and so far my plants are doing well. My roots have grown so much and fast. Node production has also multiply. I highly recommend this product. Don’t go by my testimony, try it your self and I guarantee that you will be giving your own testimony. The proof is in the pudding.
Midnight Grower Black Knight
I came across lazarus and uriah at a time my plants were experiencing heavy stress. The humidity was getting bellow 38 and my plants were getting dry. After foliar spraying the plants with a combination of the two products I noticed almost right away how the plants looked happier and stronger. I continued foliar spraying my plants every couple days for about a week and pulled of a nice harvest. I know that if I didn’t use the product my plants would have died. They were near that point. I also like the fact that there is no danger of PM using Lazarus and uriah. In fact it fights it. And I really appreciate how clean and organic it smells.
Boris G.
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