Advanced Microbeneficials For Competition Gardening

Our Flagship 3

Epic for Roots, Aromatics, and Brixx, is Our Additives Starter Pack. Here is Where we Suggest You Start.

Additive Pack Singles

Epic Roots, Aromatics, and Brixx, Additives Singles. Great for Fine tuning your grows!

Epic Greening

Unprecedented Flawless Greening and Drives for Vegetative Growing Plants.

All-In-One Growing Paste

This is Our All-In one  Fully Organic Growing Base Nutrient for Vegetative and flowering Plants.

Flower Fattening

Even More for Density, Aromatics, Brixx, Terpenes.


Microbeneficials Deals.

Vendors Signups

If You Are Not a Vendor Call us First (1-818-967-6472) For Account Inquiry. Ask What it Takes to Qualify.

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