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Dear New Customer

Everyone has a story, everyone has fans and everyone has the best product. But what distinguishes the best from the great, the great from the elite and the elite from the pinnacle; where only a few can stand? We have always operated off of a few humble foundational business and life principles;

~ always give more than the customer has purchased.
~ a satisfied customer will gain you 5 more, a dissatisfied customer will cost you 25.
~ truthful scales, measurements, words and actions; ‘always prevail’.
~ for there is only one truth and countless falsehoods
~ if it does not makes sense it will not make money.
~ a man with an experience, is never at the mercy of a man with a theory.
~ theories are a void that hold nothing; repetitive results hold success.
~ guaranteed results or your money back; just that simple.

The cannabis industry is ripe; just start paying attention to the little ripples from the little rocks in the big pond, it’s like the start of a tsunami . These little rocks will change the industry; just as David changed Goliath of Gad. The ripples of PGR’s (plant growth regulators), chemicals, quality and storage.

The organic business sector is the fastest growing sector behind health care; and rightfully so. Organics have a crappy name in the cannabis industry and again rightfully so; because they really do not work and cannot compete with the synthetic yields. The synthetic or slim organic canna industry does not have ‘one true foliar program; and again rightfully so because they do not work. But where the synthetics fall to the bottom is on; quality and storage. This is where the whole system is built on sand. In the US, Canada and eight overseas countries we have repeatedly increased the quality and storage many fold. Growers know smell, taste and quality just like a great chef; they report to us that the purchasing dispensaries have seasoned customers coming back demanding they want that same lot number from that grower. The growers have seen 100% + gross price jumps in their Microbeneficials grown products because of demand from the dispensaries. Synthetic cannabis has a time schedual of about 9-10 weeks usually to complete the flower cycle, growers using Microbeneficials products constantly are pulling this off at 7-8 because of plant metabolism and health.

Some Industry First’s

~ Organics that work;
~ You do not have to flush the plants in between flower and veg or at the end of flower. You can foliar and bottom feed up until the day that you harvest with no detriments;
~ The systems are primarily foliar feeds but are used top and bottom;
~ Repels pest naturally because of the plant immune system:
~ Water retention in the plant, soil or grow media:

Nutrition at the cellular level; this is how it is done because any disease, pest or sickness can be cured by proper nutrition and delivery. Take scurvy for instance which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives with something as simple as vitamin C which cured it instantly. This is how the Lazarus works, and this is how you can stop mildew, aphids, spider mites, root rot, leaf drop, poor quality, poor storage; all because the plants get healthy and stops and performs all these listed. Now we do not claim this, but they call all the time and ask how it does it? We just point them to the plant and say, it did it through health and immune response. Why do some kids go to school and never get the flu when 95% of the school has it; simple good healthy immune system. That’s what the Lazaus does.

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