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The best in No till water in easy science gardening!


Microbeneficials has simple products for No till indoor or outdoor gardening. White fluffy roots, clones to huge yields are super simple here. Our Lazarus™ can be used with any organic or hydroponic nutrients. Its been claimed by users to be the powdery mildew cure, to pest resolver by the extremely articulate ingredients and super interesting RTBI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization) for signature healthy plants without the hiccups. So we say its all about the nutrition and unprecedented natural amino acids to over 300+ organic amendments from very select archaeological Non chemical NPK sources. Also we have Injected Co2 science along with Triacontanol extracts to put the cherry on the top. One try is all it will take, we promise or your money back.

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About our products

LAZARUS™ Plant Magnifier

From Roots to Harvest Lazarus will out perform and stand proud. It can be Used with any Organic or Synthetic Nutrients Gardening Application to Boost Health or Buds and Aromatics like crazy customers claim.

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Uriah™ Mega Brixx Carbohydrate

A supercharged organic blend of Non spoiling robust total of 6 special short medium and long chain carbos for biology feedings including molasses. Taste & Smell what you’ve been missing nothing comes close!

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Paste 1™ Vegetative Grow Paste

Experience the powers no till gardening. Our Grow Paste 1 is the best organic solution for seedlings, cloning to flawless white roots to unprecedented plant health. This will change everything for the better.

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